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Q. What is vibration training?

A. Vibration training uses vibration from a pedestal that conducts throughout the body to stimulate the muscle fibers with three times the strength of gravity. This causes the muscle fibers to contract and relax with greater strength and speed. These powerful muscle contractions enhance muscle strength over a shorter period of time than is feasible with any other form of muscle training. This dramatically enhances flexibility and expedites the recovery of damaged muscles and tendons. Used alone, or as a pre or post-workout complement to traditional strength training and cardiovascular exercise, vibration provides its conditioning benefits in a fraction of the time than traditional exercise routines require.


Other potential benefits:

  • The vibrations release lactic acid in the body allowing soreness to quickly dissipate. You’ll feel energized after your workout. Without requiring recovery time you can work out more frequently.
  • Cortisol levels are reduced allowing for greater focus and relaxation.
  • Vibrational training is like a fountain of youth, it can stimulate the human growth hormone by over 300%.
  • Bones are tremendously stimulated by the rapid vibrations. Bone density will increase with regular vibrational training.

Q. In sports, one should try and do specific training. How applicable is vibration training in sports?

A. For increased power and explosive energy, most top athletes resort to power training with a variety of training equipment and weights. Power-training for top athletes can never be really specific, with the exception of weight-lifters. Power-training is the training of the neuro-muscular system, in which strengthening the system is essential for certain achievements, but which is not necessarily specific.

Vibration training strengthens the neuro-muscular system. Therefore, it improves the conditions necessary in order to reach higher achievements.

Vibration training should also be integrated with the training process. You won’t become a better football player simply by standing on the machine. Football players will still have to spend most of their time practicing football. The role is to enhance the training process.

Q. What is the background of whole body vibration?

A. The therapy was first explored by Russian scientist Vladimir Nazarov in the 1960s, who tested vibration on cosmonauts in an effort to decrease the loss of muscle and bone mass in space. Cosmonauts (and astronauts) in space lose their muscular strength very quickly, which is why they are not able to easily walk when they come back to earth.

The aerospace industry in the former Soviet Union worked with vibration training. Before their departure, cosmonauts were subjected to special training sessions so that the density of their bones would increase and their muscular strength would rise.

Q. How is this technology used around the world?

A. During the past few years, Korea has rediscovered the principle of vibration training and done further scientific research. Vibration training is often used in Germany as a clinical treatment. Methods of treatment in Germany are only allowed if the method and methodology are adequately proven.

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