Our Advanced Equipment at WE Fit Gym in Long Beach Has Received Rave Reviews!

Check out how vibration training tones muscles and burns fat.

Press Release: Fourth Street gym takes a different approach to working out

WE Fit Gym in Long Beach is like no other.

The TurboSonic, Hypergravity, Vibraflex and Pineapple vibrating machines plus the full-body approach of training provide a work out that’s both highly efficient and sensational!



Gyrotonic ArticleElle Gyrotonic Article

A Clever Contraption for the Uncoordinated

With the Gyrotonic you can get a phenomenal workout that will result in a longer and leaner body without having to worry about getting stuck in a compromising yoga pose or stumbling in your ballerina slippers.


Vibraflex ArticleUS Weekly Vibraflex Article

Keeping Hollywood Flab Free

Thanks to Vibraflex, elite actors ranging From Penelope Cruz to Brad Pitt can now become more sprightly and jiggle-free faster than you can say “tabloid nightmare.”



Turbosonic ArticleTurbosonic Article

Whole Body Vibration Fit For An Acrobat

You don’t have to be an acrobat to reap serious benefits from Turbosonic’s whole body vibration therapy, but if you are, your balancing act may come easier.



Turbosonic ArticleMarie-Claire Pineapple Article

The Pineapple Makes Bodies Look More Delicious In Less Time

The Pineapple isn’t just a vivacious tropical fruit, it’s also a brilliant workout platform that’s made a sweet impression both in the United Kingdom and the United States.