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Elite Golf Fitness:

For those SERIOUS about enhancing their game.

THE PROS KNOW – It takes more than practice on the course to be the best. Now you can have access to the same secret weapons and as the pros with ELITE GOLF FITNESS. Our exclusive one-on-one program in Long Beach, California combines cutting-edge personal training with private golf coaching. Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Trainer Clint Bigham is your magic bullet for:

A Stellar Game…

  • – Lower Scores
  • – Better Ball Striking
  • – Longer Drives

…And Optimal Health!

  • – Eliminate Back Pain & Improve Posture
  • – Increase your Strength & Stamina
  • – Lose Weight and Increase Muscle

Meet Titleist Certified
Golf Fitness Trainer Clint Bigham

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“Since I started working out with Clint last year, I’ve gotten healthier, stronger and more flexible. His golf workouts really focus on the muscles that are needed on the course. My rotation is smoother and less strained, and my swing speed is faster. I get to the top of my backswing easier, thanks to his targeted, innovative exercises that no other trainer has ever showed me.” – Geoff Mizrahi

Reap the Benefits of
Vibrational Training

You won’t find vibrational training integrated into any other golf fitness program. Vibrational training not only revs up weight loss with ease, and releases lactic acid so you don’t feel pain the day after a work out, it also plays an integral role in stretching and spine health.

Professional golfers all have exceptional posture and are in correct alignment. This is because golf, like any other sport, requires a stable and balanced athletic position that can only transpire through a healthy spine.

It’s difficult to maintain strong posture with the repetitive strain of hitting a golf ball. The impact often results in bulging disks, lower back pain and rotator cuff problems. Those areas of the body need to be stretched frequently. Vibrational platforms flex and release every muscle in the body and loosen the spine. And the beauty is that all you have to do is stand there!


The Power of the
Pineapple Fitness Platform

Swinging your club on a bouncy ball can be beneficial, but we’ve kicked it up a notch. Exceptional golfers know that in order to hit effectively, you need to hit down on the golf ball, and you must be firmly grounded to do this. The Pineapple Fitness Platform bounces the body up and down like a trampoline. Sustaining a position on the Pineapple doesn’t just improve balance; it works your true core and stabilizes muscles crucial for a successful golf swing, such as the hip flexor and erector spinae.

Learn more about the benefits of the Pineapple

“Clint’s training methods have helped me increase strength, flexibility and endurance. And for the first time in my life, I don’t dread going to the gym. Fitness is important in the game of golf, but golfers in general aren’t playing to be fit. They just want to relax and enjoy themselves. Clint’s workouts fit right in with the golfing ethos. Not only have I lost weight and improved my strength and balance, Clint’s program has also helped improve my scoring too.” – Michael Smith

Additional Perks

Sports Massage for Golfers

In addition to roller beds that massage the spine while you lay there, we have a golf fitness masseuse to rub away golf related aches and pains, and ease any tension that may be effecting your game.




Elite Golf Outings

Healthy competition keeps golfers motivated. Members of the Elite Golf Fitness Training Program become part of a golfing community. All members golf as a group in Long Beach with Titleist Certified Golf Fitness Trainer Clint Bigham once a month. In addition to results tracked at the gym, Clint will also track progress on the golf course.