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4 Minutes for a Total Body Workout?

Studies on the Benefits of High Intensity Training Using the ROM Machine

High-Intensity Exercise on the ROM Training Device Improves VO2 Max and Endurance Capacity in Untrained Adults Eline M. van Es, Hanno van der Loo. TNO Defence, Security and Safety, Soesterberg, The Netherlands Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine Vol. 39 No.5 Supplement S349 – 2005 (May 2007)

Participants’ endurance and VO2max were tested before and after 8 weeks of using the ROM machine; participants exhibited significant increases in both measurements.
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Effects of High-Intensity Exercise on the ROM Training Device On Muscular Strength and Body Composition Hanno van der Loo, Eline M. van Es. TNO Defence, Security and Safety, Soesterberg, The Netherlands Official Journal of the American College of Sports Medicine Vol. 39 No.5 Supplement S349 – 1816 (May 2007)

This study investigated whether high intensity training on the ROM machine has a positive effect on whole body strength, body weight, and fat percentage. After the 8 week trial, participants exhibited small, but significant positive improvements in whole body strength and body composition.
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Pilot Study of ROM machine Robert Girandola, Department of Exercise Sciences, USC, Los Angeles, California January, 1995

This study, which had participants using the ROM machine for 8 weeks, aimed to test the aerobic training effects and fat burning effects of the ROM machine. After testing VO2 Max values and body fat percentages of the participants before and after the 8 weeks, it was concluded that the ROM machine improves cardio respiratory fitness levels and body composition.
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Shake It Up With We Fit Gym

WE Fit Gym in Long Beach is like no other.

The TurboSonic, Hypergravity, Vibraflex and Pineapple vibrating machines plus the full-body approach of training make it truly unique.
At other gyms, you’ll wake up sore and tired – it becomes an endless cycle of pain.

At WE Fit Gym, founder Clint Bigham has combined state-of-the-art technology and Pilates to offer a workout program custom-fit for your particular needs.

His equipment helps you to recover quicker by reducing the body’s buildup of lactaid acid and Clint offers gentle ways for you to warm up and cool down.

“With me, you won’t feel exhausted and sore. You’ll feel excited to come back again.”

His philosophy? To provide a service based on not only exercising the body, but healing it as well.

Clint Bigham, Long Beach Personal Trainer

It all started with a bad back. As a child, WE Fit founder/trainer Clint Bigham played in the same junior golf tournaments as Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia. But when he injured his lower back at 18, he wound up in “too much pain and on too many prescription drugs.”

He continued to play golf – through the pain – and turned pro at the age of 20. But when his doctor declared that his only option was to undergo surgery, Clint knew that something had to change.

He put golf on the back burner and set out to heal himself, drug-free, by changing his lifestyle, taking up yoga and Pilates. After graduating from the University of San Diego in 2002 with a bachelor’ s degree in international business administration, Clint enrolled in a three-year yoga certification program while simultaneously learning Pilates.

Clint is a certified personal trainer through the Titleist Performance Institute, holds a Pilates and dance conditioning certification from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a Yoga Method Alliance certification, Artform® and BodyCode® certifications, and he continues his education in the Feldenkrais® Technique.

He credits his business know-how to his mentor Gloria Gonzalez, founder of Eight Elements West in La Jolla, who gave him his first job teaching yoga and Pilates. Getting back in shape has helped him in his career as a working actor as well. His improved posture and body appearance has given him confidence to focus on his craft – and not judge himself. And being in Hollywood keeps him plugged into the latest health and fitness trends.

Clint says he firmly believes that living a yogic lifestyle has brought him to where he is today. Conditioning his body – and teaching others how to treat their bodies like it’ s a precious monument – is his personal and professional mission. And through it all, whether it was perfecting his golf swing, bucking Western medicine to heal himself, or going into business for himself, it’ s the pressure that makes Clint shine.

“I’ d rather be uncomfortable to force myself to work harder,” he says. “The bigger the obstacle, the more pressure, the harder I’ ll have to work. I thrive on making the challenges in my life bigger so that I’ ll work harder.”