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Welcome to the Anti-Gym

Awesome cutting edge technology, personal attention, one on one and small group training with stellar results for weight loss and fitness. No Douchebag guarantee.

Formerly 20/20 Fitness, WE Fit Gym, which opened in February 2004, uses whole body vibrational technology in conjunction with Pilates, yoga, weight lifting and customized nutrition programs. We are a Long Beach gym that features the newest cutting-edge technology, including: TurboSonic, Hypergravity, Vibraflex, Pineapple, Balanced Body, Gyrotonic, Bodycode, Infrared Sauna, and the famous 4 minute booty kicking ROM (Range of Motion machine). These methods allow our busy clients to workout in half the time.

What makes WE Fit, a Long Beach gym, different?

  • The difference in our equipment: Whole body vibrational technology is not something you run into at other gyms. Period. The idea originates from the concept of our body movement under the earth’ s gravity, which works vertically. Vertical movement (from the machine’ s vibration) stimulates the growth plates, improves circulation, enhances muscle strength and energizes the lymphatic system.
  • Some gyms have saunas– we have an Infrared Sauna that doesn’t dehydrate the body like regular saunas and allows for optimal detoxification.
  • The full-body approach: At WE Fit, we subscribe to the mind, body, and soul approach to fitness. Working out your physical self is just one part of the equation. We incorporate Pilates, yoga, and nutrition to meet all of your body’ s many needs.
  • The individual treatment: Founder/trainer Clint Bigham will custom-design a fitness program that is tailor-made for you and your needs. There is no “ one-size-fits-all” workout plan here. That is the beauty of working with a small, privately owned gym with no corporate ties.
  • The results: Combining full-body vibration and Pilates offer the best of both worlds. You come away with core-strength conditioning that makes you feel energized – not beaten to a pulp and tired.

Pilates Long BeachClint is a certified personal trainer through the Titleist Performance Institute, holds a Pilates and dance conditioning certification from the University of Nevada Las Vegas, a Yoga Method Alliance certification, Artform® and BodyCode® certifications, and continues his education in the Feldenkrais® Technique.

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